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Address:Su economic development zone
Zip code:277500
The phone:0632-5577516

  Su the dragon fine chemical co., LTD(Su the dragon biological technology co., LTD)Was established1999Years10Month,Factory is located in shandong province su xi-gang town industrial zone in wood,Covers an area of35000Square meters,The construction area18000Square meters。
We are a collection development、Production、Sales in the integration of food and feed additives,In China is a professional provider of benzoic acid and propionic acid salt,The company has a production of industrial grade and food grade:10000Tons of benzoic acid、6000Tons of sodium benzoate、2000Tons of benzoic acid potassium;Food grade and feed grade:5000Tons of calcium propionate、2000Tons of sodium propionate、3000Tons of calcium acetate production capacity,In addition,We also produce benzoic acid and benzoic acid calcium zinc。....

Calcium propionateCalcium propionate
Sodium propionate Sodium propionate
Benzoic acidBenzoic acid
Sodium benzoateSodium benzoate
Benzoic acid potassiumPotassium benzoate
Calcium acetate Calcium acetate
Sodium acetate Sodium acetate
Potassium acetatePotassium acetate
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