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       Huangshan KaiTeng seiko seiko gravure plate making co., LTD. Is a Beijing plate making co., LTD、Huangshan yong jia group co., LTD、Large photoelectric composite materials(Shanghai)Co., LTD., joint venture,Specializing in the production and operation of gravure roller,Is a high and new technology enterprise。The main products are:Plastic flexible packaging gravure、Cigarette packaging gravure、Pharmaceutical packaging gravure、Label gravure paper and gift、Cypress paper gravure printing and laser anti-counterfeit version、The glue roller、Transfer printing roller、Hot stamping version、Printed circuit board, etc。2012In the new special edition on the project company,Can be...
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Seiko invited huizhou huangshan district Red Cross emergency rescue training
8Month12On the afternoon,Seiko invited huizhou huangshan district Red Cross,Special training of emergency rescue in field of knowledge,Company management、Mechanics、Drivers, etc50More people to attend training。District Red Cross prone teacher around everyday work and life、Emergency,The teaching of general knowledge、...
Seiko at huangshanTPMResults summary event
    3Month25Monday morning,Seiko at huangshanTPMResults summary event,Jian-feng zhang, the general manager of our company,Wang Zhaowei deputy general manager、Wang,Institute of health peak lean executive [zhaoyi huang,Senior consultant、SeikoTPMLiao Gao guidance teacher...
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